ASUS 19V 1.72A 33W (5.5mm*2.5mm) Original Laptop Charger For S200E,X201E,X202E,UX31,UX21

ASUS Chargers

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  • Input Voltage: 50/60Hz (World wide) 100-240V
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 1.75A
  • Max Power Output: (33W)
  • Connector:  5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Color: Black
  •  Condition: New
  • Warranty : 12 Months
  • 30 Days Return Policy (Money Back Guarantee)


Part Numbers:

01A001-0342100, 0A001-00340900, 0A001-00341500, 0A001-00344100, 0A001-00347800, 0A001-00349200, 0A001-00349700, 0A001-00349800, 0A001-00770100, AD2088020, AD890326, AD890528, ADP-33AW A, ADP-33AW AD, ADP-33BW, ADP-33BW A, ADP-40TH A, ASX205T-808, EXA1206CH, EXA1206EH, EXA1206U
Laptop Fit Models:
A553MA E402SA-WX245T L402WA VivoBook X541NA-GQ089T
A553MA-XX095D E402SA-WX251D L402WA-GA012TS VivoBook X541NA-GQ171
A553MA-XX1148D E402WA-E2-6110 L502MA-XX0014T VivoBook X541NA-GQ227T
A553MA-XX648D E402WA-GA001T L502MA-XX0015T VivoBook X541NA-GQ245T
C301SA E402WA-GA007T L502MA-XX0073D VivoBook X541NA-GQ279T
Chromebook C300ma-bbcln12 E402WA-GA570 R417NA-FA116T VivoBook X541NA-GQ386T
Chromebook C301SA-BH91 E403NA-FA042T R417NA-FA200T VivoBook X541SA-DM031T
Chromebook C301SA-R4028 E403NA-FA105T R417NA-GA257T VivoBook X541SA-DM262D
D540SA-XX437T E403NA-GA025T TP203NA-BP025T VivoBook X541SA-QC2
D540SA-XX621D E403NA-US21 TP203NAH-1G VivoBook X541SA-XO026D
E201NA-1D E403SA-FA0029T TP203NAH-BP044T VivoBook X541SA-XO079D
E203MA-1B E403SA-QES2-CB TP203NAH-BP098T VivoBook X541SA-XO205T
E203MA-FD001T E403SA-WX0002H TP203NAH-BP101T VivoBook X541SA-XO214T
E203MA-FD001TS E403SA-WX0004T Transformer Book T200TA-CP001H VivoBook X541SA-XX038T
E203MA-FD010T E403SA-WX0023T Transformer Book T200TA-CP004H VivoBook X541SA-XX119D
E203MA-FD014T E406MA-0073GN5000 VivoBook F200MA-CT067H VivoBook X541SA-XX120T
E203MA-FD084T E406MA-BV045 VivoBook F200MA-CT098H VivoBook X541SA-XX429T
E203MAH-1A E406MA-BV085TS VivoBook F200MA-KX078H X453SA-WX004T
E203MAH-1E E406MA-BV129TS VivoBook F200MA-KX079D X453SA-WX031T
E203MA-TBC1432B E406MA-BV149T VivoBook F200MA-KX080H X453SA-WX035T
E203NA-FD029T E406MA-BV173T VivoBook F200MA-KX081D X453SA-WX043T
E203NA-FD043T E406MA-BV235T VivoBook F200MA-KX376B X453SA-WX045T
E203NA-FD084T E406MA-EB149T VivoBook F201E-KX065H X453SA-WX064D
E203NA-FD111T E406MA-EB175T VivoBook F201E-KX066H X453SA-WX065D
E203NA-FD116T E406SA-BV005T VivoBook F201E-KX068DU X453SA-WX074T
E203NAH-1A E406SA-BV011T VivoBook Flip 12 TP203MAH-BP015T X453SA-WX132D
E203NAH-FD059T E406SA-BV028T VivoBook Flip 14 TP401CA-EC009T X453SA-WX153T
E203NAH-FD060TS E406SA-BV043T VivoBook Flip 14 TP401MA-BZ023T X453SA-WX285D
E402BA-2A E406SA-BV187T VivoBook Flip 14 TP401MA-BZ078TS X507MA-0071
E402BA-fa010T E406SA-DS21 VivoBook Flip 14 TP401MA-BZ084T X507MA-BR010T
E402BA-fa156T E406SA-EB094T VivoBook Flip 14 TP401MA-YS02 X507MA-BR011T
E402BA-GA147T E406SA-EB097T VivoBook Flip TP401NA-BZ002T X507MA-EJ004
E402BA-GA162T E406SA-SB01 VivoBook Flip TP401NA-BZ041T X507MA-EJ056T
E402BP-1R E502MA-XX0016T VivoBook Flip TP401NA-EC015T X540SA-XX062T
E402BP-2B E502NA-DM001T VivoBook Flip TP401NA-EC039T X543MA-GQ497
E402MA-1R E502NA-DM003 VivoBook Flip TP401NA-WH21T X543MA-GQ505
E402MA-2B E502NA-DM016 VivoBook Max X441NA-BX005D X543MA-GQ519T
E402MA-WX0022D E502NA-DM018T VivoBook Max X441NA-BX401T X543MA-GQ753T
E402MA-WX0062T E502NA-GO035 VivoBook Max X441NA-GA016T X543UA-DM1664T
E402N E502NA-GO047T VivoBook Max X441NA-GA055 X553MA-SX376H
E402NA-BS91-CB E502NA-GO109 VivoBook Max X441NA-WX001T X553MA-SX454B
E402NA-FA045T E502SA-2A VivoBook S200E-0133K3217U X553MA-SX472B
E402NA-FA109T E502SA-DM136T VivoBook S200E-CT008T X553MA-XX074H
E402NA-FA183T E502SA-XO004T VivoBook S200E-CT185H X553MA-XX363H
E402NA-GA029T E502SA-XO043T VivoBook S200E-CT242H X553MA-XX366H
E402NA-GA065T E502SA-XO144T VivoBook S200E-CT256H X553MA-XX388D
E402NA-GA147T E502SA-XX016T VivoBook S200E-RHI3T73 X553MA-XX407D
E402NA-GA167T EeeBookE402BP VivoBook S220 X553MA-XX438H
E402NA-GA251T EeeBookE502SA VivoBook X201E-KX022H X553MA-XX459H
E402NA-GA294T F453SA-WX156T VivoBook X202E Series X553MA-XX546D
E402SA-FR171T F507MA VivoBook X202E-DH31T-CA X553MA-XX673H
E402SA-FR218T F553MA-SX361B VivoBook X541NA-DM140 X553MA-XX809D
E402SA-WX001T F553MA-SX779B VivoBook X541NA-DM161T X553MA-XX996T
E402SA-WX014T F553MA-XX1151T VivoBook X541NA-GO015T X553SA-WS01
E402SA-WX030T F553SA-XX026T VivoBook X541NA-GO017 X553SA-XX014D
E402SA-WX113T F553SA-XX149T VivoBook X541NA-GO123 X553SA-XX031T
E402SA-WX152T F553SA-XX242T VivoBook X541NA-GO206 X553SA-XX059T
E402SA-WX155D L402SA VivoBook X541NA-GQ030 X553SA-XX118T
E402SA-WX195T L402SA-WX294TS VivoBook X541NA-GQ069 X553SA-XX143T
X751NA-TY023T X751NA-TY003T X751NA-TY012T X553SA-XX208T



The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part NO. or your laptop model NO. is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.


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