LENOVO BSNO4170A5-AT Original Laptop Battery for 2ICP5/70/106 5B10L67278 GB312412014 LH5B10L67278 BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M30011AU IdeaPad MIIX 510 12ISK Miix 510 PRO miix 510-12 IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000HMB

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 7.68V
  • Battery capacity: 38Wh
  • Battery cells: 4-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: BLACK
  • Condition: New
Part Numbers :
2ICP5/70/106 5B10L67278 5B10L68713
BSN04170A5-AT BSN04170A5AT BSNO4170A5-AT
BSNO4170AT-AT BSNO4170ATAT GB 31241-2014
GB312412014 LH5B10L67278
Laptop Fit Models:
Lenovo Other Series
BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M30011AU BE MIIX 52012IKB20M30011AU BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M30014AU
BE MIIX 52012IKB20M30014AU BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M30015AU BE MIIX 52012IKB20M30015AU
BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M30016AU BE MIIX 52012IKB20M30016AU BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M30017AU
BE MIIX 52012IKB20M30017AU BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M3003YAU BE MIIX 52012IKB20M3003YAU
BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M40004AU BE MIIX 52012IKB20M40004AU BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M40005AU
BE MIIX 52012IKB20M40005AU BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M40008AU BE MIIX 52012IKB20M40008AU
BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M4000DAU BE MIIX 52012IKB20M4000DAU BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M4000EAU
BE MIIX 52012IKB20M4000EAU BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M4000FAU BE MIIX 52012IKB20M4000FAU
BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M4000GAU BE MIIX 52012IKB20M4000GAU BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M4000HAU
BE MIIX 52012IKB20M4000HAU BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M4000JAU BE MIIX 52012IKB20M4000JAU
BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M4000SAU BE MIIX 52012IKB20M4000SAU BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M4000YAU
BE MIIX 52012IKB20M4000YAU
Lenovo Series
IdeaPad MIIX 510 12ISK Miix 510 MIIX 510 12ISK
Miix 510-12IKB Miix 51012IKB Miix 510-12IKB-80XE0006SP
Miix 51012IKB80XE0006SP MIIX 510-12ISK MIIX 51012ISK
miix 510-12ISK 80U1 miix 51012ISK 80U1 Miix 520
Miix 520-12IKB Miix 52012IKB Miix 520-12IKB 20M3000LGE
Miix 52012IKB 20M3000LGE Miix5 pro Miix520
PRO miix 510-12 PRO miix 51012
Lenovo Ideapad Series
IdeaPad Miix 510-12IKB IdeaPad Miix 51012IKB IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0001AU
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0001AU IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0002AU IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0002AU
IdeaPad Miix 510-12IKB 80XE0004AU IdeaPad Miix 51012IKB 80XE0004AU IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0005MB
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0005MB IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006BM IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0006BM
IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006CK IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0006CK IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006FR
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0006FR IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006GM IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0006GM
IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006HV IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0006HV IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006MH
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0006MH IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006MZ IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0006MZ
IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006PB IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0006PB IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006PG
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0006PG IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006SC IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0006SC
IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006SP IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0006SP IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0007IX
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0007IX IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0008IV IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0008IV
IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0008UK IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0008UK IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0009IX
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE0009IX IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000AIV IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000AIV
IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000AUK IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000AUK IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000BMB
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000BMB IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CBM IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CBM
IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CCK IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CCK IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CFR
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CFR IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CGE IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CGE
IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CGM IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CGM IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CHV
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CHV IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CMH IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CMH
IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CMZ IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CMZ IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CPB
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CPB IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CPG IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CPG
IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CRI IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CRI IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CSC
IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CSC IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CSP IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000CSP
IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000HMB IdeaPad MIIX 51012IKB 80XE000HMB

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